Innovative Sleep Technology Personalized to Your Child’s Unique Sleep Patterns.​

Biolux utilizes the latest AI technology to create personalized lighting and sounds that gently wake your child based on their unique sleep patterns and stages

About Us​

Biolux is founded on a mission to revolutionize mornings. Our team of sleep scientists and engineers have come together to create an innovative alarm system that utilizes the latest AI and lighting technology. We believe waking up should feel natural, not jarring. At Biolux, we are passionate about using technology to improve lives. Our cutting-edge products are designed to help you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. We continuously refine our AI algorithms and conduct rigorous testing to provide the most advanced and beneficial solutions on the market. Your sleep matters to us. That’s why we offer personalized products that sync with your body’s natural rhythms. Our non-invasive sleep monitoring allows us to suggest customized schedules optimized just for you.

Experience the Biolux difference. Our thoughtful integration of science and technology will transform the way you start your day.

Wanna your child wake up happy and refreshed?

The Product

Tired of being jolted awake by noisy, disruptive alarms? We offer a healthier alternative. Introducing the Biolux Sunrise Alarm Clock, our flagship product that leverages sensors, AI technology, and specialized lighting therapy. This integrative system works in harmony to gently ease you into each morning. The Biolux experience provides natural, peaceful wake-ups optimized by data insights and lighting engineering. Start your days feeling refreshed and energized with our revolutionary alarm clock.

It begins by effortlessly monitoring your sleep patterns and stages using radio wave sensors. Our advanced AI algorithms analyze this data and suggest an optimal personalized sunrise wake up schedule catered to your unique sleep profile.

As your selected wake up time approaches, the Biolux Sunrise Alarm Clock gradually fills the room with gentle light that mimics the colors and intensity of a real sunrise. This light therapy regulates your body’s circadian rhythms and cortisol levels, preparing your mind and body for a pleasant wake up.

The experience concludes with your choice of natural soundscapes to complete the sunrise ambience. Our product is thoughtfully designed to bring you an energizing yet soothing start to your day.

Core Technology

Radio Wave Sensors: Tracks sleep stages and patterns without any wearables or contact with your body. Provides comprehensive sleep data for analysis.

AI algorithms: Our proprietary machine learning techniques extract insights from sleep data. Determines optimal sunrise wake up schedule tailored to each user.

Sunrise Light Therapy: Gradually fills room with naturalistic sunrise lighting. Regulates circadian rhythms and cortisol levels for a refreshing wake up.

Soothing Soundscapes: Mimics calming nature sounds to complete the tranquil sunrise wake up experience.

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Wake up refreshed with Biolux. Experience the gentle sunrise and scientifically personalized alarm tailored to your sleep patterns. Start your day energized and ready to thrive.